Holy Grail Products


Urban Decay: Naked2 Palette This eye shadow is to DIE for. It has the perfect shades for any look. It is mostly browns, but also has nudes and a black. Also, one of my other favorites about it is that is has shimmer and matte colors included. You can pick yours up for $54.00, which I know can seem steep. However I think it really is a good value for as many shades as you get for the quality they are. My eye shadow lasts all day when I use my Naked2 Palette.

OPI- Lincoln Park After Dark Nail Polish – Most of the year you will see my nails painted in this color. It is a deep purple that almost looks black. This is a must for the upcoming fall sesaon.  I also love how my OPI Nail Polish lasts longer than some other brands. You can find yours for $10.00.

Mario Badescu: Drying Lotion– I know we all get those pesky pimples, and somehow they always come right before a big occasion. This drying lotion is a life saver. You put some of the pink goo on over night, and wake up with the blemish noticeably smaller if not all the way gone. It will only set you back $17.00.

Benefit Cosmetics: Hoola Matte Bronzer– Ahh! This bronzer makes me hear angels sing. This shade seriously works for everyone. It is not too light or dark. It really is perfect. It’s almost like it magically adjusts to the shade of your skin. If you want to try bronzer or have bronzer, but not this one it is a MUST that you get this one. Plus it is only $15.00.


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