10 Things to ALWAYS Remember



We all get in those moods that cause us to look at the world with negative blinders. Though we know the world it is not all bad, for some reason that is all we can see. Remember these 10 things ALWAYS and you will be golden. Pinky Promise.

1. You can’t change the past – What’s done is done. Do not dwell on it because that won’t help you or anyone else. Move past it because now that is all you can do.

2. Opinions don’t define you– You will hear many different opinions in your lifetime. Don’t let the opinions of others change you or your thoughts. That is what makes you who you are.

3. Your journey is different from everyone else’s– It is ok to be different from others. That is what makes you the person you are. People love you for being beautifully unique.

4. Everything gets better with time– You may never see how it can get better, but I promise you it will. I have had a million things go wrong that seemed like they could never get better. I gave them time, and they always did!

5. Overthinking will lead to sadness– Overthinking is your own worst enemy. Us girls are way to good at overthinking, but it never leads to anything good. It will cause unneeded and unwanted anxiety, stress, and sadness.

6. Happiness is found within– That new purse or pair of shoes will not give you that happiness you are desperately looking for. You may feel a temporary sense of happiness, but it will soon fade and you will be left feeling the way you did before. You must look deep inside to find your happiness. I promise it is there.

7. Positive thoughts create positive things– I know some days it is not easy to be positive, but when you are positive in your mind positive things will come to you. More positive thoughts lead you to happiness.

8. Smiles are contagious– Smile even when you don’t feel like it because they are contagious and you can gift someone a smile when they are feeling low.

9. Kindness is free– It doesn’t cost you a thing to be kind, so why not be? Kindness is the easiest and most selfless thing you can do for yourself and  others. Next time you see someone give them a compliment. It really is that easy.

10. What goes around comes around– Don’t worry yourself about others. You do good and you will be good. They will end up getting what they deserve.


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