6 Things I Learned this Year

1. Life is unpredictable- This year was insane. So many things happened that I would have never guessed. This year I realized just how unpredictable it can be. I have to roll with the punches because I can’t plan any of it. I will leave it in His hands. 

2. Family sticks together in hard times- This year was probably the hardest for our family, but it was nice that we were all there for one another. When one wasn’t feeling as strong we were there to pick them up. I am so grateful for my family. 

3. Quality of friends are more important than the quantity- Friends are important, but the quality of a loyal friend is so much important. 

4. Better to let some people go then let them keep hurting you – Sometimes the people hurting you are the people you thought never would. You have to get strong at some point and let the go (really let them go). Letting them go, so they no longer have the power to hurt you. 

5. Hard work pays off- This past year I have really worked hard at building a home and a profession. That hard work paid off because I love where I am at in my career and how my home is! 

6. Being 21 and able to legally drink isn’t everything- I don’t know what it is about being a teenager that makes you think that when you turn 21, and can have the ability to legally drink that the world will be complete. Alcohol will never help your life be any better. You still have the same responsibilities and problems as before. 


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