The Thoughts a 20-something Girl has Daily


  1. I’m fat!
  2. I wish Pizza didn’t have so many calories!
  3. I have how much in my bank account?!
  4. I really want chocolate.
  5. Why did I ever want to become an adult?
  6. Oh look another proposal, wedding, baby announcement on my fb.
  7. Did I lose weight?
  8. Can I have wine yet?
  9. Why does my hair look like this today?
  10. Do I like my job? Should I look for a new one?
  11. I’m sooooo tired!!
  12. Why does that girl look a 1000x more stylish than me? I even tired today.
  13. I should work out today, but idk maybe I will finish watching Netflix.
  14. Why am I crying AGAIN?
  15. Does he really like me?
  16. Will anyone ever like me?
  17. How many days until the weekend? I am ready to go out with my friends.
  18. I need more coffee.
  19. Should I put on makeup?
  20. Where are my favorite pair of leggings? I know I washed them!
  21. I should really eat a salad, but I want french fries.
  22. Why do I have so many emotions?
  23. Why haven’t they texted back yet?
  24. I want to stay in my PJ’s all day, but I really need to be an adult.
  25. I can’t wait for a hot bath and wine tonight. Why was today so hard?

Oh the joys of being a girl!


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