My Brow Routine


I first start out with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. The product is AMAZING! I have talked about this before. It is easy to use and you could use just this product if you wanted. I first brush through my brows getting them all in line. My brows are WILD! Then I start outlining my brow and filling it in with small hair length strokes. You should start seeing a shape.


Next I move on to my Benefit Gimme Brow. This is a fiber gel that makes my brows even fuller. I start from the tail of my brow brushing through. Then I will go back the other way laying them down. Sometimes I do this a second time depending on how full I want them. Then I take that spoolie again and get them in line.


Now we know mine are wild, so I take a brow gel to hold them into place. I currently am using the Mary Kay Brow Gel. I just run this through the brow, so my brow stays in place all day.


Now for maybe the most important step. It makes them pop. I use a concealer and a small angled brush and outline my brow. Then I take the beauty blender to blend this in. This step is the most important one to me because it really define the shape!



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