1 year, 12 months, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525,600 minutes, 31,536,000 seconds…

Wow! Honestly I never thought a year could go by so fast. I vividly can remember that call from my cousin who could hardly speak because the news was so unbelievable. No one could believe it to be true. We were all together less than 24 hours ago. He was fine, actually better than fine he was healthy. Running to the accident scene is and always will be chilling to think about. I used to believe and still try to believe everything happens for a reason, but the reason of why he was taken from us is still not clear and never will be. 

This year has taught me more than I ever thought possible.

First, it has taught me the importance of family. Don’t get me wrong I already knew how much family meant and I’d walk through fire for them any day. Though I think it’s fair to say we walked through fire together. We all leaned on, cried, laughed, ached together. Many, almost every weekend was filled with a family activity so we could get through the pain together. Not one of us could have gotten through this tragedy alone. We truly NEEDED each other. 

Next, strength is a word that comes to mind. Not only have I learned my own, but I have watched my grandma be the unwavering image of strength. She makes the best of each day and leads by example and helps us see the good instead of the bad. Not to say we don’t all hurt, but we get through it. We have come out on the other side. I am pretty sure if you asked us we would have said we couldn’t do life with out him, but it’s been a year and we are doing it. Some days are very hard but with the strength we’ve received we have made it through. 

Last, and if you asked my grandpa he’d probably say this is the most important. Especially for me. I’ve learned to take chances and try new things. This has not always been easy for me. I like to play it safe, but I really have changed up my life to take more risks and add change. I personally have worked on bettering me and trying new thing and honestly it has made me a happier more content person.

We may not have all the answers on his death, and we may have NEVER wanted it, but I think we all have taken something from it. We have the good, bad, and ugly.

Forever and Always our life will have been changed on 8/28/16. 
Love you Grandpa! ❤️


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