5 Reasons Why Dis Girl (and possibly every girl) LOVES Fall


  1. Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin– I mean really can you tell me you don’t like pumpkin? I will take pumpkin anyway it comes: my latte, pie, candles, soap, and even at a patch.


  1. Ankle Booties– Hell yeah! I have always loved a good boot, but something about pulling out my ankle ones make me know fall is here! Yes I may have a pair in every color.



  1. Big Cozy Sweaters– What screams fall like a big over sized sweater? That is right, NOTHING! Grab a sweater and skinny jeans and you instantly have a super cute outfit.


  1. Hoodies– Causal! Yes we may not be the cutest in a hoodie, but on those quick trips to the store what is better than throwing on a hoodie?



  1. Mums– I may officially be an adult when I care about flowers, but putting mums outside my house brings me all the fall feels.