5 Ways To Wake Up In A Better Mood

We have all had those days where we wake up late or just in a bloody bad mood. Try these five things, and see if they help you wake up and have a better day.

  1. Pick out your outfit the night before- Nothing can start your morning off the wrong way then not being able to find an outfit that you feel confident in. That is why I try and decide what I am wearing the night before. It takes all the stress out of getting dressed in the morning. Pro Tip: If it is a new outfit try it on the night before, to make sure it looks as good on as it does in your head.
  2. Wake up on time- This is probably the hardest one for me. I am the queen of snoozing. Though when I do that it leaves me little time to do my hair and makeup, and leaves me not feeling put together and not my best. I have yet to kick my snooze habit, so I have set my alarm back 30 minutes, so I can snooze but also be up on time to get ready without rushing. This girl HATES rushing!
  3. Drink a big glass of water- This is a tip I have been told so many times, and to be honest I am not good at it. They say to drink a large glass of water before coffee, but the coffee just calls my name. Though when I do drink the water (yes, that was my attempt at some humor), I feel more alert and ready to take on the day. Ok, I have convinced myself to start doing this again. How about you?
  4. Have the coffee ready to go- Nothing is worse than rushing around waiting for your coffee to be made when you are already on a time crunch. That is why I like to have it all ready to go and I just have to press that button and you are good to go!
  5. Listen to your power song- Really is there anything better than listening to that one song that can instantly make you smile? You know what song that is. Play this song and belt out all the lyrics in the morning and you will instantly start your day in a good mood! Pinky promise.

What are something you do in the morning to start your day in the right direction?


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