Missing you…


Missing you…

Each day you cross my mind.

I think about how much I love you and miss you. How much I wish I could tell you about all the things happening in my life. I want to tell you all the good, and all the bad. I wish more than anything I could hear your calm voice giving me the very best advice.


Most days it is bearable. I realize life isn’t fair, and I got a crappy hand when God decided to take you early. But most days I’m ok with the fact that I know you are still walking beside me even though I can’t physically talk to you or see you.



Then there are days like today where I miss you so much it is almost unbearable. I see a photo of you and a tear falls because all I want is to feel your hug. All I want is to hear you voice that can instantly calm me.


Days like today I am angry that God took you too soon. There is so many memories you are not here for. So many things I need to talk to you about. So many things I want your advice on.


I know tomorrow is a new day, and it will be better. But for now, I just want to be mad and miss you a little more than normal.



I miss you my guardian angel.






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