Why Weight Watchers was the Key to my Success




Y’all let me tell you I STRUGGLED! I wanted to lose the weight, be active, and be healthy. It just seemed nothing worked. I would go all out for two weeks eating my chicken, vegetables, and rice. Then like most of us I got bored and would quit. I would then binge, and eat everything I was depriving myself of for the past two weeks. Has this happened to you!?


So when I tried on my bridesmaid dress, and it was too small I knew I needed to do something. The wedding was 6 weeks away, and I needed results. I had a dear friend who had a lot of success with Weight Watchers, and encouraged me to join. She told me if I was devoted she thought I could fit into the dress.


Goal 1 was ACOMPLISHED! I fit into the wedding dress.


Though Weight Watchers has been so much for me! I could still eat my weekly McDonalds! Say what? I can eat McDonald’s and still lose weight?


Yes, and I did that. I NEVER once deprived myself. I have eaten and drank everything I have wanted to. Just in moderation of course. My meals got smaller and I didn’t eat french fries as often, but when I had the itch I scratched it. I needed something to help guide to me to lose, and something I could do for the rest of my life. I have now lost 50 lbs with Weight Watchers.


I will forever be thankful for my “lifestyle” change:

  • I can still eat the donut
  • I can still have wine
  • I can still eat Pizza
  • I can still eat McDonald’s




There is absolutely nothing I CAN’T have, and that is why it works for me, and continues to work for me!