7 ‘Steps’ to get more Steps in a Day


7 ‘Steps’ to get more Steps in a Day

Tracking our steps is all the rage right now. We even have competitions with our friends and co-workers to see who can get the most a week. So here are 7 easy ‘steps’ we can all do to get more steps!

  1. Park further Away- We are all guilty of trying to find the closest parking spot. Instead of doing circles to get closer, park in the first spot you see and walk!
  1. Take the Stairs- I don’t know why we always want to take the escalator or elevator. Take the stairs. Not only will you get more steps it’s a great workout for your legs and booty.
  1. Social meets Active- We all want to see our friends, but instead of meeting them for dinner try meeting them for a hike. You can still talk and catch up with each other, but will be adding steps. Plus you can always stop for a bite after the hike!
  1. Walk the Dog- For all you dog lovers, just like me, get that pup out for a walk. Sometimes I only can get my Lu Lu out for a 10 min walk, but every minute counts.
  1. Walk during a Meeting- This one I probably struggle with the most, but I love it. During meetings and calls at work that you don’t need your computer for get up and walk during them!
  1. Shop in Stores- Yes we all love Amazon, but it’s amazing how many more steps I get in a day if go to the actual store to shop. Plus if you go to Target you can get Starbucks while you walk around!
  1. Set an Alarm- This is another one I really struggle with, but always try to do it. This is all about setting an alarm every hour to remind you to get up and walk. Every hour may not be best for you, but do it as frequently as possible. It can even be as little as 5 min. This is roughly how long your bathroom breaks are anyways!

Let me know how these ‘steps’ work for you!!

6 Simple Reasons My Mom is My Best Friend 

Yes I am going to gush about my momma. She is more than just my mom. She is 100% my best friend. I know some people don’t understand it, and that’s ok. I no longer feel the need to defend it. We have gone through so much together, and I think God daily that I got her as a mom. 

1. She’s loves me unconditionally 

2. She doesn’t judge me

3. She always has my best interest in mind 

4. She just gets me- sometimes not an easy task 

5. She laughs with me and at me

6. She is always right- annoyingly right 

10 Things about Having a Best Friend for Over 10 Years


  1. You can tell each other the truth
  2. You don’t have to see or even talk to each other everyday
  3. You have no jealousy, and just want the best for each other
  4. You want to tell each other EVERYTHING
  5. Your family is theirs and theirs is yours
  6. You know each other’s birthday by heart
  7. You follow every social media account they have- even that one from 2009
  8. You grill their new boy to make sure their intentions are good
  9. You pick up the phone any time they need you
  10. You laugh when you haven’t even said anything because you already know what was going to be said

12 Things We All Secretly Love About Coming Home From Vcay

1. That glorious bed that has your spot perfectly indented

2. Let’s not forget about the favorite blanket and pillows too

3. The DVR of all the favorite programs you missed

4. Having all your favorite foods at a hands reach

5. No longer living out of a suitcase and being able to find anything you are looking for because it’s in its spot

6. You’re favorite coffee shop making your cup of coffee just how you like it

7. Going to sleep and waking up at normal times

8. A bubble bath with a glass of rosé

9. Having a full wardrobe, jewelry collection, and all your make up

10. Your vehicle so you can drive any place your heart desires

11. Catching up on all the pop culture and social media posts you missed while you were on vacation time

12. Your People. Your family, your friends and your pets. Exploring the world is pretty fantastic, but so are the ones you love ❤

8 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was a Teenager 

1. Beauty on the inside is more important than beauty on the outside 

2. There are so many boys. Don’t let that one jerk get you down.

3. Never change who you are or how you act because of something someone tells you

4. Be careful who you tell what. Some of your “friends” aren’t your friends 

5. Grades aren’t everything. 

6. You don’t have to have the newest thing to be happy 

7. Being an adult isn’t as great as it seems– BILLS 

8. Your family is more important than your friends. Spend time with them even when you don’t want to because they will ALWAYS have your back 

The Thoughts a 20-something Girl has Daily


  1. I’m fat!
  2. I wish Pizza didn’t have so many calories!
  3. I have how much in my bank account?!
  4. I really want chocolate.
  5. Why did I ever want to become an adult?
  6. Oh look another proposal, wedding, baby announcement on my fb.
  7. Did I lose weight?
  8. Can I have wine yet?
  9. Why does my hair look like this today?
  10. Do I like my job? Should I look for a new one?
  11. I’m sooooo tired!!
  12. Why does that girl look a 1000x more stylish than me? I even tired today.
  13. I should work out today, but idk maybe I will finish watching Netflix.
  14. Why am I crying AGAIN?
  15. Does he really like me?
  16. Will anyone ever like me?
  17. How many days until the weekend? I am ready to go out with my friends.
  18. I need more coffee.
  19. Should I put on makeup?
  20. Where are my favorite pair of leggings? I know I washed them!
  21. I should really eat a salad, but I want french fries.
  22. Why do I have so many emotions?
  23. Why haven’t they texted back yet?
  24. I want to stay in my PJ’s all day, but I really need to be an adult.
  25. I can’t wait for a hot bath and wine tonight. Why was today so hard?

Oh the joys of being a girl!