5 Reasons Why Dis Girl (and possibly every girl) LOVES Fall


  1. Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin– I mean really can you tell me you don’t like pumpkin? I will take pumpkin anyway it comes: my latte, pie, candles, soap, and even at a patch.


  1. Ankle Booties– Hell yeah! I have always loved a good boot, but something about pulling out my ankle ones make me know fall is here! Yes I may have a pair in every color.



  1. Big Cozy Sweaters– What screams fall like a big over sized sweater? That is right, NOTHING! Grab a sweater and skinny jeans and you instantly have a super cute outfit.


  1. Hoodies– Causal! Yes we may not be the cutest in a hoodie, but on those quick trips to the store what is better than throwing on a hoodie?



  1. Mums– I may officially be an adult when I care about flowers, but putting mums outside my house brings me all the fall feels.




1 year, 12 months, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525,600 minutes, 31,536,000 seconds…

Wow! Honestly I never thought a year could go by so fast. I vividly can remember that call from my cousin who could hardly speak because the news was so unbelievable. No one could believe it to be true. We were all together less than 24 hours ago. He was fine, actually better than fine he was healthy. Running to the accident scene is and always will be chilling to think about. I used to believe and still try to believe everything happens for a reason, but the reason of why he was taken from us is still not clear and never will be. 

This year has taught me more than I ever thought possible.

First, it has taught me the importance of family. Don’t get me wrong I already knew how much family meant and I’d walk through fire for them any day. Though I think it’s fair to say we walked through fire together. We all leaned on, cried, laughed, ached together. Many, almost every weekend was filled with a family activity so we could get through the pain together. Not one of us could have gotten through this tragedy alone. We truly NEEDED each other. 

Next, strength is a word that comes to mind. Not only have I learned my own, but I have watched my grandma be the unwavering image of strength. She makes the best of each day and leads by example and helps us see the good instead of the bad. Not to say we don’t all hurt, but we get through it. We have come out on the other side. I am pretty sure if you asked us we would have said we couldn’t do life with out him, but it’s been a year and we are doing it. Some days are very hard but with the strength we’ve received we have made it through. 

Last, and if you asked my grandpa he’d probably say this is the most important. Especially for me. I’ve learned to take chances and try new things. This has not always been easy for me. I like to play it safe, but I really have changed up my life to take more risks and add change. I personally have worked on bettering me and trying new thing and honestly it has made me a happier more content person.

We may not have all the answers on his death, and we may have NEVER wanted it, but I think we all have taken something from it. We have the good, bad, and ugly.

Forever and Always our life will have been changed on 8/28/16. 
Love you Grandpa! ❤️

4 Dresses for the Summer 

I know people either LOVE or HATE dresses, but I’m totally someone who loves them. They are easy to throw on during hot summer days. Dresses are lightweight and keep me cool. And maybe my favorite thing about a dress is I don’t have to plan an outfit. I just have to slip on the dress. 

Off the shoulder- This style is all the freakin RAGE, and I do not see it going away anytime soon. I mean why would it, its adorable. I like this because it’s a hint of sexy with the shoulders out, but you are fully covered in other areas. 

Fitted- A good fitted dress always helps show your figure! I don’t think it has to be skin tight to achieve this look. This is a classic style that you can wear to any occasion. 

Swing- This is my go to style for sure. They came in so many fabrics and they are loose fitting. These are perfect for those days we wake up feeling bloated. Throw this on and you instantly feel cute! PROMISE 

Full length – This style is a new one for me this year. I was never very crazy about it. I thought it made me look old and frumpy. But I guess I wasn’t trying on the right ones or something changed this summer. lm totally loving this style. It’s so chic. I loved pairing mine with a thick heeled sandal. 

I know dresses are not for everyone, but I challenge you to find at least one you love and feel comfortable in this summer. I can’t say enough how much I love the the easiness of throwing on a dress! 

Let me know what dresses you are loving this summer! 

Photos: Nick Lovell Photography 

Dresses: Old Navy

5 New Beauty Buys


Lip gloss- I am not a big lip gloss wearer, but I wanted to try something new. My mom owns a few of theses and I liked the look on her. The sales associate also recommended these and I have to say I love it. I usually like sparkle in my gloss, but this shade (nude) is still killer without it.


Setting Spray- OKAY!! THIS PRODUCT IS BOMB. I got a prep spray, which was ok, but I loved the setting spray. My makeup stayed on forever. It was 85 degrees out and it did not sweat off. I even slept in it and my makeup still was intact all the next day! This is my favorite new buy and I would recommend it to anyone!


Charcoal Mask- Charcoal masks are all the rage. I have heard a lot about both Origins and Glam Glow. Where I went they only had Origins. Though I have only tried it once I love it. I like that is goes on thin and my face felt SUPER clean after I washed the mask off.


Foundation– I am almost out of my favorite foundation that bare minerals used to make. They replaced it with this one, so I thought I would give it a try. I like that there are more color options, but not sure I like it as well as the other one. The color seemed really light, but this is the shade that matched me best. I also am not sure if it applies as well. I don’t hate it, but I may not be in love with it yet.


Foundation Brush- I am a sucker for a pair, so I also got the brush they recommended for the foundation. I loved the feel of the brush on my face. I also thought there was a lot of product on the brush. Though I may like my old brush better for more coverage, so I think I will try both and then make my final call.







Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas



Flowers- I know everyone knows of this, but I love a beautiful floral arrangement. I like a bright and colorful arrangement. Then maybe use something unique for the vase like a mason jar. Make it special to your mom. You could use her favorite colors or her favorite flower.


Candle- Does your mom have candles all over her house like mine? Yes! Then why not get her another candle or two! Moms love their house smelling great! Use code: ALL4MAMA at Bath & Body Works for $10 off $30!  


Spa- Who doesn’t like a spa day? Our moms’ do so much for us, so why not treat her with a little pampering. Plus this can fit into whatever budget you have. It can be as small as a pedicure or an all-day package. I promise your mom will love either one!


Wine- This one is great because it can be all done online.  You can get your momma a wine of the month club membership. You can choose monthly, every other month, or every third month. The total for each option is $23.96 per shipment! What mom doesn’t like wine?


7 ‘Steps’ to get more Steps in a Day


7 ‘Steps’ to get more Steps in a Day

Tracking our steps is all the rage right now. We even have competitions with our friends and co-workers to see who can get the most a week. So here are 7 easy ‘steps’ we can all do to get more steps!

  1. Park further Away- We are all guilty of trying to find the closest parking spot. Instead of doing circles to get closer, park in the first spot you see and walk!
  1. Take the Stairs- I don’t know why we always want to take the escalator or elevator. Take the stairs. Not only will you get more steps it’s a great workout for your legs and booty.
  1. Social meets Active- We all want to see our friends, but instead of meeting them for dinner try meeting them for a hike. You can still talk and catch up with each other, but will be adding steps. Plus you can always stop for a bite after the hike!
  1. Walk the Dog- For all you dog lovers, just like me, get that pup out for a walk. Sometimes I only can get my Lu Lu out for a 10 min walk, but every minute counts.
  1. Walk during a Meeting- This one I probably struggle with the most, but I love it. During meetings and calls at work that you don’t need your computer for get up and walk during them!
  1. Shop in Stores- Yes we all love Amazon, but it’s amazing how many more steps I get in a day if go to the actual store to shop. Plus if you go to Target you can get Starbucks while you walk around!
  1. Set an Alarm- This is another one I really struggle with, but always try to do it. This is all about setting an alarm every hour to remind you to get up and walk. Every hour may not be best for you, but do it as frequently as possible. It can even be as little as 5 min. This is roughly how long your bathroom breaks are anyways!

Let me know how these ‘steps’ work for you!!